How To Update ICCID Code on SIM Unlocker

Here are the steps on how to update ICCID code on SIM Unlocker to be able to SIM unlock an iPhone:

  • Open SIM slot using a pin or paper clip.
  • Insert SIM Unlocker then follow these steps:
    • Ensure iPhone is SIM unlocked (important).
    • Go to Settings – then Cellular – then SIM Applications – and finally press on “更新 ICCID 和 IMSI”.
    • When prompted, type ICCID Code with the latest then press “Send”.
    • If/when prompted, type IMSI code with the latest then press “Send”.
    • Finally, on screen showing message “成功。手机重启,请稍候” (or similar) simply press “Accept”.
    • Remove SIM Unlocker from iPhone's SIM slot.
    • SIM Unlocker is now updated and ready for use!
  • NOTE: Thanks to new version 3 SIM Unlocker card you can now just insert SIM unlocker on a SIM locked iPhone and wait 1-3 minutes for ICCID & IMSI pop-up to update it and then unlock by pressing on “try again” on the “SIM Not Supported” screen.

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