How To SIM Unlock an iPhone

How To SIM Unlock an iPhone

Follow these simple steps to easily, efficiently and effortlessly SIM unlock an iPhone:

  • Ensure iPhone is on latest iOS (Settings – General – Software Update).
  • Connect iPhone to the Internet via WiFi (Settings – WiFi).
  • Open SIM slot using a pin or paper clip.
  • Insert SIM Unlocker.
  • Follow prompts:
    • “Activation Required” – Press “Dismiss”.
    • “Software Update Complete” – Press “Continue”
    • “It may take a few minutes to active your iPhone” – Just wait, if you didn't connect to WiFi earlier you must do this now to SIM unlock successfully.
    • If NOT successful you will get a “SIM Not Supported” message:
      • You must update ICCID Code with the latest to successfully SIM unlock an iPhone.
    • If successful and phone has been freshly reset then you will get standard prompts to finish setting up iPhone OR simply enter iCloud account password/passcode to continue:
      • “Face ID” – Configure by pressing “Continue” or press “Set Up Later in Settings”.
      • “Create a Passcode” – Configure by typing a passcode or press “Passcode Options” and press “Don't Use Passcode” then confirm again by pressing “Don't Use Passcode”.
      • “Display Zoom” – Press “Continue”.
      • “Welcome to iPhone” – Simply swipe up.
    • Congrats, iPhone is now successfully SIM Unlocked!
    • iPhone is now ready for new carrier's SIM card for use without restrictions.


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